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Wondering if I just pointless'd my concept


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Hello beautiful people!


I decided to pick up the very first character I rolled on Homecoming: An Energy/Atomic Manipulation blaster.  It's fun to blast a bit since my mind is been one of melee for the last few months.


Then I realised:  Atomic is all about getting things in that sweet beta decay and to PBAOE them to kingdom come.  Energy is all about pushing things away.


Did I just gimp myself?


I know I can slot KB to KD to my heart's content but doing that to what... six powers?  Seems like a LOT of slots wasted.  


Is there a better primary to go with Atomic?  Preferable one that complements it?



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well this fire/atomic is quite good but yeah i dont entirely disagree that energy is detrimental to the function of atomic i love beta decay and live in melee range on this blaster  does go wrong at times but that is to be expected blaster not a tanker i think in particular i love the rate it recharges nukes between all the built in recharge and the single proc it feels like im allways nuking i think with energy you would lose out on defenses more then damage slotting KB->KD having to fore go 6 slot bonuses the ATO's dont really offer much options for that


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