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Can't enter missions


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Was having a great time, all was well and I was doing the Alec Parson arc. All of a sudden, when I tried doing about the 3rd mish in, the blue bar didn't move. I waited a good long time but nothing. I shut the game down and re-verified, logged back in, and the same thing. I thought maybe it was that arc that may be bugged, so chose another mish all together from a new contact...same thing. Anyone else experience this?

y0Y5yFQ.png Forever grateful to be back in my city!
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I did just have it crash when I think I was juuust clicking a door, like ten minutes ago.  I haven't tried getting back in though, it's bedtime, heh.  I took it as a sign.


Clave's Sure-Fire Secrets to Enjoying City Of Heroes
Ignore those farming chores, skip your market homework, play any power sets that you want, and ignore anyone who says otherwise.
This game isn't hard work, it's easy!
Go have fun!
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