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Retcon Needed: Scroll of Tielekku


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In the mission 'Recover Tomes from Circle' as part of the 'Scroll of Tielekku' arc, some of the CoT minions have this discussion:



[NPC] Spectral Daemon: I wonder where the Pantheon cultists will attempt the breakthrough?
[NPC] Defender: They shall attempt to pierce the barrier in Astoria, no doubt.


Later in the arc, your contact tells you that Azuria has sensed a huge buildup of energy in a building in Talos:



 Azuria's just alerted me to a massive buildup of mystical power in a building in Talos Island.


Before the Dark Astoria revamp, Azuria always sensed said buildup in Dark Astoria.


The Circle dialogue obviously just predates the DA revamp.


I suggest changing it to something like: "They shall attempt to pierce the barrier somewhere near Astoria, no doubt. Perhaps Talos Island?"

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