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Merits ?


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I'm saving until I hit 250 or so (Have 126 now after a few days SF'ing) so I can get two sets of LOTG 7.5 for our Dominator pair.

With the Villain Merits as well, and my Spines/Fire doing content both sides, we should be kitted out in no time.


It really depends what you want to do in game. If you are happy with just SO's (and the game itself more than supports this) then use your merits to get an expensive recipe, sell it for 20,000,000 and you can use that to flip stuff or just outfit yourself forever.


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Lotg are so cheap now you're better off using merits on a brute ATO or one of the pricier winter enhancements, selling, then buying lotg off the market. You can then just buy your lotgs crafted and attuned too, which would save the salvage and crafting costs.

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