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Team XP question


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I've got a question for the number crunchers:

While I've been a COH player since 2007 I have never delved very much into the math behind the game.  However, I am working on a short series of related AE's designed to tell an origin story for three brand new toons played by myself and two friends.  Solo testing these arcs with a x2 XP modifier active I got a character to about level 8 on +0/+0 diff.  The arcs comprise about 11 missions in total, all with small or tiny maps.


If I run these same arcs with three characters how much would they level up in comparison to my solo testing, assuming we all have x2 XP mods?

Thanks to any who reply!

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I also do not delve into the numbers.  But  here are some thoughts and observations.  Farming) 1 farmer, 1 doorsiter.  Huge exp.  Farming) 1 Farmer 7 Doorsitters, okay experience.  Missions.  +0/x0 1 character.  doing okay.  with three characters you are effectively +0/x3 and everyone is working. So, in my mind you should level the same as if just one person went through, because you are effectively doing 3xwork with 3xtoons

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Right.  I think the basic formula for a three toon team is x1.5 XP per critter, and that is then divided three ways.  However, I don't know the numbers behind how mobs spawn based on team size.  My gut feeling is my three man team will gain at least a bit more XP total than I got during my solo tests, but I'd like to get a feel for how great the difference would be.

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I don't know the details, but teaming seems to get you a lot more XP than solo for the same missions. at +0/x0.

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16 hours ago, ScrewlooseCohh said:

The math is quite complex and this may have been patched at some point but according to <bad website>

The Fandom site is problematic.  On two occasions (that I know of) their ads hosted malware.  Also, they get some of their content by scraping from other sites without their permission.  Their CoH content was lifted from ParagonWiki.com.  Their reputation got so bad, they changed the name (used to be Wikia).

And, I would not necessarily suggest using ParagonWiki since it preserves information about the game as it was at the time of shutdown.


Your best option is https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Main_Page

This site 1) started with content from ParagonWiki WITH their permission and, 2) is being updated to reflect the status of the game on the Homecoming servers.


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Link to the story of Toggle Man, since I keep having to track down my original post.

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