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Just hit level 50 ?

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1 hour ago, Marine X said:

Yup, that was the intent, I should have been clearer, sorry... I often see comments about running Mender Ramiel's arc to unlock the Alpha, which is no longer necessary, but I think it's worthwhile, a good story, and helps new Incarnates get familiar with their new toys origin.  

It's certainly worth doing at least once, but it does get tedious after a while.


I tend to just open the Alpha by doing DA arcs these days, so I have the components available when it unlocks. There is a silly quirk to that though. You can't talk to the contact in PI that leads you to DA (Nolan I think?) and get their mission until your Alpha slot is unlocked. The work around is you need to do their intro mission via Ouro, when you have done that Heather's arc is available and can be run normally, even without the Alpha being unlocked.

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Unlock your Alpha slot with the Mender Ramiel arc. You can shorten this arc by auto completing the mission Lady Grey gives you to retrieve the incarnate container. Then get your Alpha to tier 3 as soon as possible to get your level shift. The level shift will raise your combat level to 51.


The other big thing you should do is work to get the 4 passive accolades Portal Jockey, Atlas Medallion, Task Force Commander, and Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member. These accolades will provide permanent boosts to your health and endurance.


IO sets will be important, but you can work on those over time. Basic IO's will work in the short term, and then build as you go. Some of IO's you might want to get early are the 3 health procs (Miracle, Numina, and Panacea), Luck of the Gambler's global recharge in defense, Performance Shifter chance for +endurance in stamina, and Kismet accuracy are just a few.

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If its a character I still enjoy playing - Once Ive unlocked all incarnates and slotted everything, I simply go back to the beginning

I start with DFB and work my way up - using my 50 🙂

Sure I cant use all my powers, or get the full effects of my IO's.  I enjoy playing, so thats what I do. 



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