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Extreme Social Distancing - 1v1 Ranged Tourney 6/19

CR Mochi

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Extreme Social Distancing - 1v1 Ranged Tournament




Hosts: CR Mochi, Alouu 

Where: Indomitable, Pocket D above the monkey cages

Discord: https://discord.gg/2HYfEME Homecoming PvP 

Date/Time: Saturday, June 19th 2021 5pm PST // 8pm EDT // 1am GMT



How it works: 

  • This is a ranged 1v1 round robin tournament. Players may register up to 3 characters. Players who bring 3 characters are able to select which of their opponent’s characters they wish to play against, players who bring less than 3 characters do not have this option. Therefore, after the publication of the bracket, tournament admins will privately ask each participant who brought 3 characters which of their opponent’s characters they wish to face. The bracket is then finalized, showing which characters are facing which. 


Match Settings:

  • Observers must be left on.
  • Match time must be set to: 10 Minutes
  • Inspirations must be set to: Small Inspirations
  • Switching between builds is allowed.
  • Sudden death does not count towards scores. 
  • Play what map you like if you can agree on it, otherwise cargo ship

Diversity Clause:

  • You may bring up to 2 characters of the same Archetype.
  • Player lineups of up to 3 characters must not contain any duplicate power-sets.
  • A power-set is defined by its name. For example, bringing a Fire Blast Defender means you cannot bring a Fire Blast Sentinel. However, bringing a Dark Blast Defender means you can still bring a Dark Assault Dominator.


Anti-Stall Clause: 

  • If a player has any of the following powers and their match results in a 0-0 score or was at a 0-0 score before sudden death began, then the match is considered a loss for them and a win for their opponent.
  • Personal Force Field; Dimension Shift; Life Drain; Instant Regeneration; Will Domination 
  • If both players have powers on the list above, then a 0-0 score results in a draw as normal.


Allowed Archetypes: Blaster, Controller, Corruptor, Defender, Dominator, Peacebringer, Sentinel, Warshade
Banned Archetypes: Arachnos Soldier, Arachnos Widow, Brute, Mastermind, Scrapper, Stalker, Tanker



Allowed Incarnates: Alpha
Banned Incarnates: Destiny, Hybrid, Interface, Judgement, Lore


Score reporting:

  • Winners will report their scores on the Homecoming PvP Discord in a scores thread

Prizes - Influence + Merits:

First Place = “___” Gold Title + 4000 Merits + 1bil
Second Place = "___" Gold Title + 2750 Merits + 750mil
Third Place = "___" Gold Title + 1750 Merits + 500mil 

Fourth Place = 250mil

Fifth Place = 250mil

Sixth Place = 250mil 
5 Merit Raffles = 300 Merits
NPC Costume Prestige Power Raffle of Player’s Choice -   https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Model_Replacement_Costume_Powers

The Sign up Process:

  • Sign up on this thread using your global name, character names and power-sets of up to three characters. 
  • Sign up ends on June 12th.  
  • After the initial sign up phase has ended, tournament admins will publish an initial draft of the tournament bracket. 


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@America's Angel2

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Join the Homecoming PvP Fightclub Discord 
What is Fightclub?  Fightclub is PVP between two melee players fighting to the death in melee range with no moving/retreating allowed. It's like pylon testing...but the pylon hits back! Perfect for players who enjoy min/maxing builds. Click the discord link above for more info.

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@Mistress Mezmera


Characters: Dark/Tac Arrow Blaster

                   Fire/Atomic Blaster

                   Gravity/Energy Dominator

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Adding 2 more characters
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Thanks Alouu for running this tourney!  Unfortunately I have to withdraw as I won't be able to make it Saturday.  And NO Sessa, the reason I am withdrawing is NOT because I tested positive for performance enhancing steroids!

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