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Energy Aura for Tanks?

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More powerset proliferation all around.  Here's a few that have escaped, and I'd like to see proliferated.  I'll bet we can figure out a few others that aren't coming to my mind at the moment.


Brutes -> Ninjitsu


Dominators -> Illusion Control


Scrappers -> Energy Melee

Scrappers -> Super Strength


Stalkers -> Super Strength

Stalkers -> Titan Weapons


Tankers -> Energy Armor

Tankers -> Ninjitsu




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Hey just wondering if powerset proliferation is hard for the devs here to do?  I'd like to see if we couldnt get Energy Aura armor set translated from the scrapper/brute/stalker into a Tank version?


I would also love to have an Energy Aura Tanker!


However... Have you ever done the math on how the set would translate to a Tanker? Way back when it was buffed in order to improve it's performance as a secondary, there was a bit of a lack of foresight on how that would translate to a primary. As of right now it'd be insane on a Tanker and would likely need a bit of tweaking.


On just SOs, you'd be looking at:


43.68% Defense(Smashing/Lethal)

48.36% Defense(Fire/Cold)

52.26% Defense(Energy)

39% Defense(NegativeEnergy)

7.8% Defense(Psionic)


19.5% Resistance(Smashing/Lethal/NegativeEnergy/Toxic)

35.1% Resistance(Energy)


64.875% Resistance(Defense Debuff)


That isn't to say that tweaking couldn't be done and the set could be ported. I assume it's just about the time necessary to do that amount of work. Simplest way would probably be to drop Energy Cloak for Tankers, add a passive with Fire/Cold Resistance, and lower the Fire/Cold/Energy Defense of Power Shield to match the Smashing/Lethal Defense of Kinetic Shield.


That would make the set look more like:


35.88% Defense(Smashing/Lethal/Fire/Cold)

39.78% Defense(Energy)

31.2% Defense(NegativeEnergy)


19.5% Resistance(Smashing/Lethal/Fire/Cold/Negative/Toxic)

35.1% Resistance(Energy)


64.875% Resistance(Defense Debuff)

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Oh ive looked at the numbers but id look at it from a super reflexes standpoint a super reflex tank can hit cap defense in melee/ranged/aoe without even breaking a sweat.  Shield tank can do it but does require more powers and enhancements.  So i dont think that the power would need reducing energy aura is low resist high defense set with some click heals/end recovery and huge weaknesses vs toxic/psionic damage. If anything the defenses should be soft capable with less powers required.  to get to the numbers you point out you need weave/combat jumping/maneuvers and even then it takes a lot of enhancement slots.  the tanker should be easier to hit the higher end of the defense cap they have vastly inferior damage output than scrappers/brutes/stalkers.  Im not saying im an expert at balance and yeah it would take some time to find the right balance, but i dont think it would need reductions in anything and some boosts in other places. wouldnt need to get rid of the energy cloak, dark armor has basically the same thing.  In its current state its like a weaker version of shield tank high defense low resists some other defensive stuff.


In the end it would take some effort to make the set properly be appropriate for tanks and if these guys love the game like i think they do i bet they could do it.


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