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Scrapper Secondary Ninjitsu - Shinobi-Iri available at level 6 instead of level 4


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Tier 3 secondary power Shinobi-Iri cannot be selected at level 4, which I believe is the universal level available for Tier 3 powers on every other secondary set for all ATs in the game. Confirmed in game and City of Data even has this marked as such.


Minor inconvenience obviously, as level 4 opens up Power Pools, so reshuffling builds is easy enough, but did create a confusing few minutes for me!

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Toying around with a new sentinel myself just now, I ran into the same problem on /Invulnerability.

Normally, I'd expect the T3 secondary to become available at level 4, but I wasn't able to select Durability until level 6,

just like your situation.

Is this endemic to ALL sentinel secondaries? Or just some of them?

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