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Bind question


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I've been through the bind guides a number of times, and cannot find the syntax for linking a double click to a power. I know I've seen it before because I have the bind on one character. I just can't find it to do it again. 


I just want to bind combat teleport to double left click. I assume someone here knows what that would look like. Thanks in advance. 

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If you are feeling fancy
/bind lbutton "powexec_location target Combat Teleport"
will TP you directly to the person you want to punch. This could also be a macro on your power bar
/macro_image "E_Icon_Obliteration" "BAMF" "powexec_location target Combat Teleport" looks and works quite nice...

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*bows* (Thanks.)


Take a look at the one-key teleport option, recently posted in General Discussion. The powexec_location cursor command is awesome for this.

UPDATED: v4.15 Technical Guide (post 27p7)... 154 pages of comprehensive and validated info on on the nuts and bolts!
ALSO:  GABS Bindfile  ·  WindowScaler  ·  Teleport Guide  ·  and City of Zeroes  all at  www.Shenanigunner.com

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