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PHD saved loading errors

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Ran into bit of an issue while streaming Build Theory. Current updated (and reinstalled/clean-installed) MHRB crashes out with numerous errors trying to load Sentinels saved under PHD v2.21


A quick run down and it seems to affect most of the July 13 2020 uploaded Sentinel builds here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Lu6gaSVWRx10mhE9EXDYLE1vzJLzdvH6?usp=sharing


The on-camera stream wasn't much helpful in showing the exact errors. OBS's per-window capture methods ignores various overlays: 



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For the bit i've checked so far some have the old fitness pool active, so it actually complains about a powerset that it cannot load.

If you still have a copy of Mids 2.x you can open them, select something different for the 4th pool -any that exists in the current release- save and that should do it.

If not, well that's going to be more complicated, yet not impossible.

Your builds seem to have the plain text part in addition to the binary chunk so you can recreate them with the new version. Certainly not easy, quick or simple, but doable.
It has been fixed in dev in between so the fix will be shipped within the next release.

Or if you don't mind, it's "only" 65 of them, i can definitely update these for you and PM you the working builds if you want.


PS: i appreciate you think Mids is run by post-doctorate students but for my own i only have a 3rd grade college title 😛

Damn you maths.

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