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I apologize in advance if this "tray" question has already been covered

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I have looked and cannot  find the answer to my problem. My computer skills are mediocre at best, so I tend to skip over solutions that go over my head.

When accessing Tray #2 with control 1, 2 and so on, all the trays collapse, so I am left with only Tray 1. Very annoying when in a fight. Is there any way to stop the collapse. I tried looking in options and don't see any solutions.  When I replaced my PC, I didn't think COH would ever be back, so I went with a average laptop, so perhaps it's just something I will have to live with.


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Press the arrow on the far right; it's to the right of the Recipes and "+" symbol.


Usually I use Alt+1, 2, 3 etc as Ctrl is for tray 3 for me.  I have tray one at the bottom, tray two above that, and tray 3 above that.

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You can also lock the powers locations in the tray and lock the tray numbers you are using under "Menu, Options, Windows, Powers".

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