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Turn 'temp' pets into toggles


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This suggestion is more QoL then anything else, but would it be possible to turn the 'pseudo pet' powers like the Force Field Generator, Voltaic Sentinel, and Gun Drone, into toggles like the Prestige Pets are? Maybe make them weaker, so they are more prone to being destroyed, so you have to resummon them still, but once you summon them, you aren't trying to beat the clock on various battles before they go boom?

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7 hours ago, arcane said:

I think permanent pets being designated as a special treat for controllers and dominators and masterminds is just fine tbh


Well, they are permanent in the fact you can resummon them right away, and the recharge isn't such that it takes any effort at all (the Force Field Generator recharges in about 10 seconds..)


Its just the fact they have a duration on them that makes things troubling.

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