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No badge or badge progress for fighting Zombies?


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Ok I took part in the zombie event in King's Row. I killed a bunch of zombies, both minions and lieutenants. But I do not see any badge progress for them. I expected to see progress in the Defeats section. Where does my badge progress show for this event?

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The nature of the zombie invasion prevents the badges from being tracked when Halloween events overall are not active.  Your progress is still there though and you will be closer to the badges the next time you encounter a zombie attack.  When it's Halloween time, the progress meters should show up under Events.


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Ahem. It's early, still in the midst of coffee. But, I've reread the replies, and believe some clarification is in order. 

There is a distinction between Hallowe'en Zombies and the "Zombie Apocalypse/Invasion". 

During the Hallowe'en event, there are Zombies that may answer the door if you get "Trick", rather than "treat". Those are a different badge. 

As to why you didn't see progress...I can't say definitively. The game has SOOOOO many badges. Like, 1549/1550, depending on whether you count Bug Hunter. (which doesn't seem to count in your badge total if you have it) It's difficult to outline a pattern of how each badge progress is displayed. 

As a rule of thumb, if you have zero progress towards a badge, usually, the game doesn't show any reference to the badge at all. However, in some cases, like certain accolades, the game may show something like this: image.png.0732b2e828aa268daa637a7cc1c19fe1.png

So, it makes it clear that this character hasn't done any of the Freedom Phalanx task forces. But more often than not, you won't see any reference to most badges. 

I would guess, in reference to Zombies, the progress would only be displayed in one or two places: Closest to Completion or Events. It's possible that they might show up in Defeats, too, I suppose. 

I don't know what size team you had when you encountered the zombies. Anecdotally, I've learned to try and get these with multiple teams, all huddled close together so the spawns will drop near the league in sufficient number to get the badges. A small team will often not trigger enough spawns to get the badges. But as to progress...you could be looking in the wrong place, or the game just may not be showing you the progress - but it will award the badge when you satisfy the amount required. 

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