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Mass Confusion Idea

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I realize there are probably a dozen Mind Control threads by now, but this suggestion is specific to Mass Confusion, and improving it to a status where it's decided better than Seeds of Confusion.


Change it to Single Target.

The target gets the standard Mag and Duration on Confuse.  

The target ALSO gets a 1 sec Duration of a Mag 500 Confuse.

During that 1 second, the target gets a grantpower which they use as a PBAoE Confuse on the remaining 15 targets.

After a .5 delay, the single original target gets a high Mag and equal-to-unenhanced-Confuse-Duration Taunt that only affects (former) allies.


Suddenly Mass Confusion becomes a powerful tool to get a mob to dogpile on a single target, and once that target is down, the mob turns on its own.


What do people think?

Is it a viable solution for making Mass Confusion worthy of a Tier 9 Control Set slot while living in a world where Seeds of Confusion exists at Tier 5?

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Obvious problem upon retrospect, with potential solution/correction:
Enhancement Inheritance - using the Grant Power method like this would potentially prevent Accuracy, Confuse Duration, and Proc Enhancements from propagating down the line to the group of enemies.  While I'm personally not phased by the Accuracy bit (since a player would be best served by targeting high-rank enemies, who naturally have improved Accuracy over their minions), the Confuse Duration would probably necessitate the origin of the AoE Confuse component to remain directly sourced from the player or a pseudo-pet in the same location as the single target.  I don't know enough about how Procs work in the backend to say whether they could be successfully inherited or not.

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Interesting. I wonder if it could work using the same mechanic as Haunt. In addition to summoning the Shades, it grants a temp power to the target (Haunted) which issues a 60 second mag 10 taunt. In the case of Haunted, it only taunts Shades, but perhaps it could taunt those whose status is confused. If that were the case, the confuse could remain AoE.

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I have no particular comment on the specific idea here, but a taunt-that-only-affects-confused-targets seems like an interesting thing, and as far as I know it would be possible within existing powers technology (that is, you can check target status in power effects, and only do something if they have a status).


Not sure how Taunt would behave if you were taunted for say 5 seconds against an "opponent" that you were only an opponent of due to confuse, and then one second later your confuse dropped off.

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