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Built computer usage question


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Build is 

Motherboard - X-570-E strix gaming 

Ram - 128GB vengeance ram at 3200mhz DDR4

CPU - Ryzen 9 3950K


PSU - 1200 watt titanium seasonic

HD - Samsung evo 980 Pro

I have parts on order for Full custom water cooling loop but these cards don't have full support for water cooling plates yet. So just my CPU is water cooled. But I have 800mm of radiator space and 2000ml of cooling medium to be utilized for cooling. I KNOW this computer is not getting stressed tested playing COH lol.


My system runs on max settings on all games and I don't see temps as high as when I'm playing COH. Just for the GPU, its always running at 97% - 100% usage and stays at 76C. Settings up or down, resolution up or down. I redownloaded the game, checked all drivers and ever rolled some back. Any ideas?

CPU stays at a constant 4% usage and 48C while playing.




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IDK the tech behind it, but I know that the drivers work differently than before for graphics since the game was built, so perhaps it's something related to that. 76 isn't Horrible if you're air cooling, but it's also not harmful. The card may be bumping its clock to handle the textures. IDK, lots of guessing TBH.

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i run CoX on a PC built 2010 for the live Version :).


My GTX 660 with only 2 GB RAM is running actual drivers (mind for Windows 7) and does not running above 40% Usage in most TFs or similar sized Teams, in incarnate Trials maybe up to 60%.


Surely i dont run full Ultra Mode.


You might check the control Panel for your GPU, if its 3d settings set to use "program/application settings" or if it has a fixed setting the later would explain why u dont see a change at all.


Like in this example Picture (application-controlled)






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