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This is already one of the hardest GM Badges to get, Lusca being another.

Right now the build time seems to be about 5 minutes once the alert goes out. That's fine if you are in the zone and near the South end of the map. But if you have to zone in and go looking for the build it can take 2-2.5 minutes. then you have to build a team which can take the rest of the time.


Can the timer be set for longer, 7.5 to 10 minutes? That would give people time to zone in, find the build site, make a team, and get everyone to the build before it is completed.

Thank you.(edited)


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Paladin is known and worked on, there are several threads about it.

Lusca however is easy gamewise, shes pretty much always there if not even in more then 1 place, the problem there is rather to find a team willing to fight her.

Way more complicated is to get the Caleb GM in Nerva, cause hes flying and kinda stealthy, if u need a GM that is compareable to Paladin in terms of hard to get.



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20 minutes ago, Krimson said:

For Caleb, once at Thorn Isle, you need to kill 100 Nerva Spectral Daemons during the day. Then at sunset, Caleb will hopefully spawn at one of the six spawn points on the Isle. The reason Caleb is hard to find is that he spawns way up in the air, sometimes near the top of the skybox, so you need to be able to fly to find him. 

Caleb will always spawn if you kill one hundred Nerva Spectral Daemons during the day.  If the sun is down and you don’t get a spawn message, that means that Caleb is still up and roaming around from the last time someone spawned him.


Every time that I kill one hundred Nerva Spectral Daemons during the day and yet didn’t receive a message that Caleb spawned, I found him roaming.

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And the build time was reduced to 5 minutes from 10 in order to reduce the victory time from 20 minutes down to 10.  


I do look forward to the reworked event.  It was easier for me to fill kings row with 20 people then it is to get there in less then 5 minutes.  Im usually in the middle of something else when it kicks off.

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