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Mac Tip: how to tab out to desktop, and back into CoH again


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I use an iMac and could never figure out how (or if there was a way) to temporarily tab/shell out of CoH to my deskop, then back into the game again.  It would be useful to lookup something while still in the game.   I use a standard keyboard on my iMac because I think the standard Mac keyboard sucks.   I accidentally found the right keystroke to get me to my desktop:   CTRL-upArrow.   If you do this, you'll get the bottom panel to show up!   Then to get back into CoH, you simply select the CoH Statesman icon in the bottom panel.

Just thought I'd share, since I spent quite a bit of time trying various keystrokes with no success.

Hope it helps someone!


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5 hours ago, aethereal said:

You can't just command-tab?  That works for me, though when in full screen mode it also does something weird with the screen's alignment, that i can fix by going into windowed mode and out again.


Correct, using the Command+Tab triggers the app's built-in FS mode toggle and Does tend to cause wonkiness from my testing. I'd have to pull up my keyboard shortcut link, but Ctrl+ArrowKey basically shows all windows in the same way that my F3 key does by default (IE: without keybinds, OS customization). This feature allows the user to see all windows and click the one they want to switch to, so perhaps it's the better choice? BTW, hitting the escape key or Ctrl+ArrowDown will get out of that mode.

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