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Electric Dom and Static Field


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My main is an Electric Dom and I also think it's too good to skip. Personally I 6 slot it with the Dom ATO so every time I drop the patch (which I do often) I got the +30% damage proc.


I also open with Static Field, not usually Synaptic Overload. I like to position it so that enemies at the back of the pack run toward it/me and end up in a nicely positioned pack. This is somewhat more feasible on builds with enough Defense to weather any potshots they throw.


Note you can have more than one Static Field active at a time and the combined effect sleep bosses and even occasionally Elite Bosses. 



In this video you can see how often I cast it. I have one macro for dropping it under myself, and a second one for dropping it under a target. I switch back and forth depending on what I need to do.



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