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New Hami Enhancements!


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I know, I know, we got a bunch of Hami enhancements we don't use now why in the world would we add to them.

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Perhaps we don't add to them so much as re-work the ones we have do. The stats that Hami's enhance made sense when they were introduced but the game has changed since then.

I suggest changing some of the enhancements stats to make them more useful.


There is no EndMod HO...a Accuracy/EndMod maybe....hell EndMod/Anything would be useful now.

Accuracy/Recharge would be nice





Damage/End Reduction


So terrible idea ?  What Hami IO stats would you like to see?

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I do think there needs to be additional Hamidon enhancements that fill a niche that the invention system doesn't, just to make min/maxing all that more challenging and interesting.

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All on Everlasting

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