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Please Provide Panda Support


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I play a lot of pandas, and some people are starting to jump on the panda hype.


As such I propose some support for pandas, such as the option to panda roll as a travel power, seen here



I would also propose a panda nap emote, because pandas are really good at napping, mid mission. Like so



Please share your panda suggestions here.

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I don't think the dev team really has the tools to make new travel powers or emotes. At least not easily.


But I can see some kind of sonic version of the Panda Roll be a variant of Speed Run. Bouncing over obstacles would be fun, but something the physics in the game doesn't support, I think.


A proper sleep emote, like the students you sometimes see on the benches at the entrance to the university, that would be nice. Even just a rag-doll to the floor would work for me.

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9 hours ago, Nemu said:

I play a lot of pandas, and some people are starting to jump on the panda hype.

I've been "pandaring" to this demographic since the days of Live when I had a Panda-based AE arc!  Ended up using the main character and contact from that for the basis of a number of toons, too.  I really should go back to that...


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