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MoEden badge strategy


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After about 6 failed MoEden attempts, mostly failed due to defeats by Crystal Titan footstomps, I decided to try an all-fly MoEden. I recruited a Pick Up Group with only the requirements of: A) one member needs to be a tank please and B) everyone needs a fly or hover power  (including temps) please.


I got lucky with an attentive and patient team which is probably the most important factor. Ice tank, controllers, corruptor, defender, one MM and a sentinel I think. I planned to do three attempts so I told everyone to just try to stay alive and not sweat the deaths. Well, they swept through the early parts pretty easily which is not unusual. We cleared about 1.5 bridges to ensure 2 or more ambrosias each (including some brought from previous attempts). Then, after the mold wall, instead of taking the time to clear anything around the titan, we just gathered in front of the titan, all flying/hovering. I asked that the tank use an ambrosia and head to the left side at waist level (of the titan) or higher, and after a few seconds, everyone else ambrosia-up and head to the right side, higher than the titan's head. The titan went down smoothly in a reasonable amount of time. No teammates perished. The word "amazeballs" may have been used. The Devouring earth from the Titan room swarmed a bit but we just chipped them off, freed the heroes and got the badge. Thank you team.


More knowledgeable players than myself may have additional safeguards to suggest, but if you are having trouble with this badge, I recommend the tank+ fly strategy.



Thanks team!



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I've had success doing the same strategy. The only difference is to free the heroes prior. This way, the trial completes, often as the npcs are gang-rushing the area where the titan is, and the sooner folks can exit the map, the safer it is at that point. Just my .o2 inf. 

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I am still having a high failure rate, but the flying zerg appears to be the best strategy.


One of the big issues, even with a taunter, is that the titan will just random attack other players.


For a good chance of success. Use the other mentioned strategy, but include:

  • 2-4 Biggest red insp you can afford
  • 2 Big orange insp, the ranged is a cone with an energy + special damage. Resists help with the energy portion.
  • 2 Big purples, titan has a 1.5 modifier on it's attacks. Each miss is invaluable.
  • Big greens

Additional notes:

  • Ambrosia Resistance lowered to 65% while in Master of Eden mode
  • Titan Foot stomp in Master mode will deals 2,072.75 points of damage on a six second recharge even with ambrosia
  • Titan Prism Blast in Master mode will deals 1,076.25 points of damage on a four second recharge even with ambrosia
  • If you don't finish the titan off in one ambrosia your chances drop dramatically. Someone, like me, always forgets to click a new one in time.
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Make friends or roll an alt with one of the Confuse powers (Dominator would be best) and the Titan won't bother your team at all.  You can even skip the Ambrosia altogether.

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