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Homecoming Launcher Patch Notes for December 14, 2021

Number Six

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  • Homecoming Team

Version 4772


File Downloads

  • Add defensive timeouts and low transfer rate detection to automatically cancel downloads from servers that don't fail but are not transferring data or are downloading extremely slowly. This should prevent a flaky connection from being able to stall progress forever; after some time it will move on to another source.
  • Add more detail to log message about failures to create destination files.
  • Be faster about cancelling download tasks and immediately closing the files when a user cancels an install; this should resolve access denied errors when restarting the same install right away.


  • Redesign how disk caching works to prevent the newsfeed from sometimes failing to detect an updated copy on the server if the files were updated in a certain order.

Command Line Interface

  • Fix a race condition that caused launchercli to often crash when running the list command.
  • Rewrite old code that hadn't been updated to handle the new way package dependencies work; this caused the list of profiles to not always wait for the information to be fully populated and sometimes show "unknown" state in CLI mode even when the packages are installed.
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