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Illusion Control revamp


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I know, there's probably a ton of threads on this already, but I was thinking about this the other day and I wanted to put this idea out there.


The three problems with Illusion Control as I see it:

  1. It relies too much on Phantom Army as a be-all, end-all power
  2. It has redundant stealth powers (Self + Group)
  3. It tries to be too many things: Psi, Energy, Confuse, Fear, Hold, Sleep


Also, I'm sure many of us would like to see Illusion Control compatible with the Mastermind AT.


Here's my proposal:


Level 1. Spectral Wounds. High Spectral Damage (Psionic)

Level 1. Summon Decoys. Ranged, Minor Spectral Damage (Psionic)

Level 2. Blinding Illusion. Ranged, Moderate Spectral Damage (Psionic) + Foe (Special) + Foe Perception debuff

Level 6. Enveloping Illusion. Ranged AOE, Minor Spectral Damage (Psionic) + Foe (Special) + Foe Perception debuff

Level 8. Superior Invisibility. Self Stealth + Defense (All)

Level 12. Summon Spectral Visions. Ranged, Foe (Special)

Level 18. Illusion Mastery. Change secondary damage/effects (in the manner of Dual Pistols) to Fear, Confuse, or Immobilize.

Level 26. Summon Phantasm. Ranged, Moderate Damage (Psionic), Minor Damage (Energy), Foe (Special)

Level 32. Infiltration. PBAOE, Stealth, Defense (all) + Foe (Special)


The set now reads like a Mastermind set, minus the training powers. The number of minions and lieutenants can follow the mastermind leveling scale, and not be indestructible pets; they can tank a lot of damage simply by being re-summonable.


In place of giving the Illusion Controller training powers to increase damage and defense for all her illusions, she has the option (with Illusion Mastery) to toggle between various secondary effects. The default is Immobilize; but the controller can change the secondary effect in certain powers to Fear, Confuse or Stun. This also changes which kind of effect is thrown by the Spectral Vision (no longer just Spectral Terror) and Phantasm.


The Tier 32 power would be similar to Grant Invisibility, but it would also proc the special secondary effect (Immob, Fear, Confuse, or Stun), turning it into an escape power or an alpha strike, rather than just a stealth power. In my dream world, the animation of this power would make everyone on your team take on the illusionary form of some enemy.

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Can I keep my current Illusion controller? He's fine as is. I could see adding some kind of -perception or placate effect to group invis but that's it really. The only way I'd see the powerset being overhauled were if it were ported to any other AT. So if you wanted a Mastermind set that totally broke the usual rules of Mastermind sets I'd be down. Changing the Controller AT Illusion Control? That's not something I want and the developers usually follow the cottage rule on things so its very unlikely to change.

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