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Level 50 Ice/Devices Blaster - Enh Set Recommendations?


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Been playing an Ice/Dev blaster.
Primary Powers:
  • Ice Bolt
  • Ice Blast
  • Aim
  • Freeze Ray
  • Bitter Ice Blast
  • Bitter Freeze Ray
  • Blizzard
Secondary Powers:
  • Toxic Web Grenade
  • Targeting Drone
  • Field Operative
  • Gun Drone
Pool Powers
  • Hasten
  • Hover
  • Fly
  • Assault
  • Tactics
  • Vengeance
  • Aid Other
  • Aid Self
  • Field Medic
Play Style
I mostly group with the character. When Blizzard is down I obviously single target. I like the single target gameplay because it generally only gets me aggro from one mob at a time and with Aid Self and Hibernate I can pretty much take care of myself - I am generally not a burden on healers. So, I am not really interested in chasing defenses. Status protection on the other hand is something that would be great as long as I don't sacrifice damage for it. That is my play style with this toon and this post is not about tweaking my build.
So, given the powers above and the way I like to play the character, what Set Enhancements would you recommend I look into and why?
I have perf shifter in Stamina. I know I should have Gaussian in Tactics, I suppose I should have another in Targeting drone?
I plan on getting 5 of the Luck of the Gambler -recharge enhancements, I have the slots for them. More -recharge would be great - would love perma-hasten but don't want to sacrifice damage for it.
I have a stealth enh in Hover so between that and Field Operative I can scout a little to set up shots without aggroing a whole room and getting wiped out.
Right now all my attacks have 2 accuracy 3 damage and 1 endurance reduction IO. What damage sets should I be looking for?
Finally, thank you ahead of time for any suggestions you may have.
Love this game!
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If you might change your mind and could be convinced to invest in defenses, ranged defense is very complimentary to the hoverblaster playstyle, and means you can save your heal/hibernate more for the "uh-oh" moments and keep on blastin' non-stop otherwise.  Also ranged defense will greatly cut down on the mez that gets through to you.


There's only one way for a blaster to get status protection through enhancements... The defiant barrage recharge/status protection IO.  Otherwise you can get status resistance from some IOs and set bonuses, but those just cut down the mez time, not prevent it from happening.  Beyond this you'd need  power picks, like acrobatics which protects from hold; combat jumping or evasive maneuvers which protects from immobilization.  Or clarion as an incarnate power, but you don't have access to that under level 45.


So the status protection IO from the defiant barrage set, it has a chance to activate and give you status protection each time you hit someone with the attack it's slotted in.  The chance is worse in a quick-recharging single target attacks, better in long recharging ST attacks, and best in AOEs.  Since you want to stick with your single target focus, then you can put it in an attack you use most frequently and it'll activate some of the time.  There is merit in putting it in one of your T1/T2 blasts since you can still use these when mezzed, you might get lucky and have it activate and free you.


So see what you think of the above before we talk more about set bonuses to chase.  Also, what's your budget?


Glad you're having fun with your blaster and enjoying your playstyle. 

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I'm only counting 4 slots for LOTG from your build description, I'm assuming that you probably also took evasive maneuvers for that 5th LOTG, and I highly recommend evasive Maneuvers for the combat mobility and immobilization protection.


Based on your playstyle and your request I'd invest in recharge, slow resist, and proc out both of your ice blast holds. 5 piece ice mistral's (slow set) in most of your non-hold attacks, 5 piece doctored wounds/full set of preventive medicine in your heals/sustains. You can rack up an impressive amount of recharge bonuses (and slow resist) without even using ATOs or purples this way.


For both your holds 4 damage procs and 2 damage IOs. You have more than enough accuracy to hit with the help of tactics and targeting drone, and the Acc bonuses from ice mistrals.


One note about starting with IO sets, a full set is not always the best way to slot a power. You want the useful bonuses such as recharge, but stop slotting more IOs from that set once you qualify for that bonus. A lot of sets have recharge bonuses at 5 slots and a lot of people slot a full set and that 6th slot contributes nothing towards their build goals and can be used elsewhere to optimize the build. Don't fall into that trap.

Liberty, Torchbearer, Excelsior, Everlasting

Jezebel Delias

Level 50 Fire/Elec/Mace Blaster


I am the Inner Circle!

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On 2/17/2022 at 9:48 AM, Wreckoning said:

Aid Self and Hibernate I can pretty much take care of myself -I am generally not a burden on healers. So, I am not really interested in chasing defenses. Status protection on the other hand is something that would be great as long as I don't sacrifice damage for it. That is my play style with this toon and this post is not about tweaking my build.

Based on the powers that you picked it should be fairly easy to get a decent amount of ranged defense - for the Single Target attacks Thunderstrike, for the AoE's Artillery, Hover and Fly get Blessing of the Zephyr.

Here's a tentative ranged softcapped build for you (44.65% to Ranged, 42.46% when hover is off) - I did swap out some powers for various reasons (I think Tactics is superfluous since you Targeting Drone) - there's 3 slots left to play with at level 50.  Based on my experience with Ice Blast - Frost Breath and Ice Storm are very nice whether solo / teams so I put this in the build. This build should be relatively cheap (does not use any of the Blaster ATOs)


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |




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I honestly think you should consider switching to a ice/cold Corruptor.  

Due to Scourge which works perfectly with Ice’s DoT rains and the powerful ST and AoE debuffs available in Cold makes for a true AoE powerhouse.  I ran this for a couple months in incarnate trials and was quite pleased


I have currently switched to a Beam Blaster for incarnate work so i can hover blast hard targets like Tyrant and other Extremely Hard Targets

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