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if a GM is needed you can always select


menu --> Support 


I have pretty good response time from the volunteers, but usually put in the request if time sensitive.


I do not think there is any functionality to see system administrators or even in search windows - just other players.



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I dont think accounts are flagged as dev or even GM.  The different commands have a level assigned to them and you cannot use commands that exceed your accounts level.  Even GMs have 3 different levels so that starting GMs dont have access to all of the commands.  Devs accounts are probably not even all level 10 which gives them access to every command - kill the whole map,  kick every player from the server at once and so on.


I dont think there is any way to search by account permission level and thats probably on purpose so devs and GMs can log their official accounts in and not be instantly tracked down by players while they are trying to work. 

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You can always check on our Discord, as well. In addition to displaying who's online, there's a special header labeled "On Duty" that will show which GMs are currently in game or otherwise available to assist.


It's not a perfect system; sometimes I forget to sign in... or out, but generally it works pretty well.

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Homecoming FAQ; Need a hand? File a Support Ticket! Want to lend a hand? Apply to be a GM!

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