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Enhancement question


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  I am rather new to brutes and I am wondering about something I read in passing on another forum regarding brutes and damage enhancements. When leveling, is it not worth it to slot for damage? I heard the enhancements only increase one's base damage, and a brute's base damage is practically nil of course and is augmented as fury builds up. If this is the case then how do you all usually slot brute powers as you level up, just accuracy/end/recharge or whatever?

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When leveling up and having limited slots I first throw in accuracy. Then when I next level up and add 2 more slots i go for endurance and recharge. Then 1 slot for damage to start. Generally that is what I  do. Some powers on quick recharge I may add a damage first as they tend to be easier on the endurance bar to begin with.  The short answer is you still need to slot damage. Just not as much as other damagebsets while you are leveling.

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When leveling up my brute I went for 1 Acc first, then an Endurance. Third slot was another Endurance, Recharge or a Damage depending on the power. You do want to slot for damage as a brute, but it's a lesser priority than on other damage dealer archetypes because of Fury. If we assume you have on average around half fury for a 100% base damage boost, 3 slotting attacks for damage is only going to be a 50% incremental change whereas other ATs would get 100%. Basically, you'll get better returns if you go for acc/end/rech first and then damage.


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Slotting priority is acc > end > rech > damage. Once you have SO-level slotting (via SO or IOs at 25) you can start to back off on the acc and end (no point in over-accing, nor over-ending. Note this can happen earlier than 25, depending on circumstances. Do you always duo with a support type who buffs your $stat?). Once you can maintain a 90% full fury bar, you can back off on the rech.


Rationale: fury when full is +200% damage. Slotting damage EDs out at +100% damage. Missed attacks don't build fury, so slot acc. Taking a knee saps fury, so slot end redux. More attacks builds fury, so slot rech (also, take that fast-cycling first attack until you have a full attack chain, then respect out of it!).


Once all those finish, then you slot damage to get +300% against your base damage.

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