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Warshade trying to solo AVs

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Hi all.


I'm looking for a way to make my Warshade capable of soloing AVs.  As it stands I have no trouble fighting them (I can and have fought them for 10-20 minutes without either of us dying before friends arrived to help), but the regen rate just doesn't let me make much of a dent in them with my current build.  Ideally I'd like to make the build work to take them on rather than relying on temporary powers.


Here's what I'm using right now (though I'm still filling out the last two sets - Ragnarok and Armageddon).  Any suggestions are appreciated!


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |





























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The only AV I soloed as a Warshade was using a Shivan, so I'm not sure that it can be done.


It looks as if you're trying to do it in Dwarf Form, which is what I also tried. If you do this, you will want all of the attacks more heavily slotted, and slot the Drain as part of your attack chain. Also, slot up the Mire with the Damage/Endurance IO rather than the Damage... you lose a bit of damage, but it's a heavy endurance drain. Both the Smite and the Strike need to be 6-slotted, probably with more Endurance reduction in there.


Also, as a side note, why is Gravitic Emanation slotted up for damage? You can actually get decent damage out of it using Procs, but if you're going to slot for its effects, slot for Accuracy/Recharge/Stun. And add a KB to KD proc in there.

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AIB posted a video back on live soloing a giant monster. I think the key is to get 3 pets out and just keep the pressure off of them. As long as they aren't dumb enough to go into melee (mine seem to love that), they will contribute most of your damage. If you could keep some alive enemies around yourself as well without them killing the pets that would also help mires and eclipse, but that is super tricky. Fighting an AV itself is honestly the worst case scenario for a ws.

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Would PB stands a better chance at it?


I'm not sure. Warshades have a better Dwarf form with both Mire and the Drain. But they don't get much by dropping to Human form on occasion for buffs like Hasten. Peacebringers get Dull Pain and Photon Seekers. They also have the option of going perma-Lightform, as I recall, and that may be an interesting viable option. Also, I think that they can slot -Def sets, so they can set up Achilles Heel debuff on the AV.


All in all, I would say that PBs have a better chance.

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