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Homecoming's First PvP Draft League (June 2022)

GM Smol

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Registration Deadline: Wednesday May 18th by 6PM EST

Draft Date: Wednesday May 18th 9pm EDT (Captains)

Format: 8v8 Arena

Match Schedule: Thursdays at 9pm EDT 6pm PDT

          6/2/22, 6/9/22, 6/16/22, 6/23/22


June 2022 Draft League


New and old players alike are encouraged to join us in our first Homecoming PvP Draft League! If we reach enough new player sign – ups, we will have a new player vs new player format similar to the d8/d6 system used in the Freedom PvP League, 2010. The rules of this league have been carefully formed to create a fun and easy to learn meta for all. BILLIONS of influence in prizes, participation booster packs and more! 


Selected volunteer captains will meet on the designated draft date (5/18) and take turns choosing players for their teams.

5 official matches per night, optional non officials to keep the PvP going


  • A willingness to have fun
  • Able to roll a new character
  • Have a microphone
  • Be on Discord


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dexington, m3z or myself.


Official rules and sign – ups thread can be found here: https://discord.com/channels/572475264995426327/970435311844851752/970437232076918885  


Homecoming PvP Draft League Intro:






If you haven't already joined the Homecoming PvP discord, please click the link below: 

CoH_Homecoming_PVP_Draft_League_Logo (1).png

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1 hour ago, SuperheroRobot said:

Is there a way to be a spectator?

Yes, you can join any of the five matches that will occur each Thursday. You can open the Arena menu anywhere by clicking menu bar, then clicking Arena. Once the match begins you can join it by opening the filter type and clicking show all. Then you'll see a match with 16 players and then just click join. It will spawn you in to the match as a camera that you can use to fly around and watch the action. You are invisible and unaffectable while in camera mode. 

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Pocket D Zone Tour

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