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Psi Blast - Alternate animations needed

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Mental Blast and Psionic Lance use the same alternate animation but they are so fugly. Raise the right hand above the head and lean back, it looks so awkward.  The gripe is the pose of the body not the blast it self.


Psychic Blast set

Mental Blast -  use the Subdual alternate animation, Bright/Dark Fist Cast  Its same animation time.

Psionic Lance - use the alternate animation of Dark Blast Moonbeam, same animation time. Open fist out, both quick cast and old animation

Scramble Thought - Same fugly animation, but not sure of an alternate pose


Mental Manipulation

Mind Probe - Melee with an awkward sounding name, but its the same animation from Illusion Deceive but shorter; hand waving. Change to maybe Bonesmasher animation which is 1.27 to Mind Probes 1.33; adjust the damage and recharge.


Want to see psi blast from the hands and actual melee punches vs the original.  

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