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Focused Feedback: Badges & Emotes

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Found a minor typo in the description for the 'Traditionalist Foil' badge. The second-to-last word is incorrectly spelled 'Tradtionalist' (missing an i)

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"Lost Motivation", in pursuit of Pecking Order badge...well, something is fishy. 
I am exemplared to level 29. Fine. 

But check this out: 
My difficulty, clearly set to 0/1, but the mobs are +5? 

So, recognizing that before I report it, I should probably quit the arc, and retry. 


So, I did. 


Better, only +2. 

But why? Something is amiss. 
It's partially my own fault for not being aware this was even to be tested. Or is it? 
Too much stuff in one patch. Break 'em down into smaller parts for better testing - but that's just my own humble thought on the matter. 


Oh, if it's useful, I was vigilante alignment. 

Edit: Maybe this is by design? I saw a level 29 in the next room, as well as a level 33! 

In a fashion, probably all the missions in game should be this way, maybe. Was this by design? Go ahead and say so, I'll feel better. Will all the arcs now be this way? 



Second Edit: This is curious. There was a couple of +5 holding a hostage. I used no inspirations, but braced myself for some difficulty. I pretty much three shot them. That seems ...odd to me. I know I'm awesome and all, but I expected a lot more trouble - it's almost as if they only appeared to be +5, but had the characteristics of an even con or +1 mob. 


Should a level 34 Lieutenant Anathema have only 670 hit points? 

The level 34 minion had about half that. And a snipe probably shouldn't take a +5 minion down to less than half hp, should it? I two shot him. That seems...off. 

Oh well. If it's by design, disregard. If not - something is strange. 

Sorry, not sorry. Having to visit the contact to close out the mission after completing the arc. That's just bad form. Very bad form. Not desired nor required. 

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