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Focused Feedback: Enemy Group Adjustments

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Enemy Group Adjustments & Fixes

All - Sheathed Weapons

  • The following NPCs now have their weapon sheathed and displayed on their costume when not in combat:
    • Agent Indigo (enemy version)
    • Apex
    • Battle Maiden
    • Dream Doctor
    • Pendragon (all versions)
    • Romulus Augustus (all versions)
    • Scirocco
    • Sister Valeria
    • Shadow Hunter
    • Shadow Spider
    • Valkyrie


  • There were major visual discrepancies between the contact and combat versions of Viridian and Shadow Spider that have been corrected so they are consistent and obviously the same person no matter the context they are encountered.
  • Becky, the Tarantula Battle-Mistress has been given a minor visual update and now smiles.
  • The damage typings on a few of Lord Recluse's melee attacks have been updated:
    • Energy Punch: 60% Energy / 40% Toxic split damage instead of pure Smashing.
    • Energy Smash: 60% Energy / 40% Toxic split damage instead of pure Smashing.
    • Spider Strike:  50% Energy / 50% Toxic split damage instead of pure Smashing. Lord Recluse now only uses Spider Strike when below half health.
  • The power descriptions on Lord Recluse's attacks have been rewritten as previously they were copy pasted from similar powers.
  • Alternate gender Arachnos boss class enemies have been moved to their own spawn definitions, correcting odd situations where a mission intended a boss to be one gender, but they happened to spawn as the other.
  • These alternate gender boss definitions have separate entries now in AE as well.

Devouring Earth

  • Crystal Shard enemies were set to spawn at level 35 minimum for reasons related to trial content - this had an unintended side effect of wildly over-leveled pets summoning from 20-something critters as level 35. As a temporary fix, these critters will be reset back to a minimum level of 27, until a better solution can be deployed.
  • Summoned Tellurian Seed pets no longer drop rewards.

Generic Heroes

  • Ice Blaster powers for Generic Heroes mistakenly had Fire Sword and Combustion; these were replaced with Ice Sword and Chilling Embrace.


  • Fixed issue that could cause Hellion mobs/missions to spawn at a higher level range than intended.


  • Summoned Battle Orb pets no longer drop rewards.

Knives of Artemis

  • Fixed missing goggle geometry on Knives of Artemis bosses.

Red Caps

  • When Jack In Irons spawns on his throne in Croatoa, there is now a 50% chance he is sitting in a more comfortable position.
  • Both variants of the Jack in Irons' throne spawn gives him a sleep particle FX, cons with a yellow reticle, and remains non-hostile until awoken.


  • Attack values on Rikti Monkey's standard melee and psionic ranged attacks are no longer double their intended value that was accidentally caused by some silly sentient mapserver related things.

Rogue Arachnos

  • There were a plethora of level gaps in this enemy group, with inconsistencies between each enemy type. Their level range coverage has been made consistent.
  • Rogue Crab Spider enemies have had the 'Rogue Arachnos' chest detail added to their costume.
  • Rogue Crab Spider enemies now have a 1/8 chance of spawning female.
  • Rogue Fortunata minions now have a 1/8 chance of spawning male.
  • Rogue Fortunata Mistress bosses have had costume inaccuracies fixed and now have the correct flat helmet, belt, and waist cape.
  • Rogue Toxic Tarantulas have a new costume specific to the group.
  • Rogue Mu Strikers and Rogue Mu Guardians had their costumes incorrectly swapped.
  • Rogue Mu Strikers have had costume inaccuracies fixed and no longer have capes.
  • Fixed Rogue Tarantula Queens enemy definition pointing to the normal Tarantula Queen costume.


  • Vahzilok Eidolon bosses can now spawn with huge body types.

Void Hunters

  • The Void Hunters are now their own distinct villain group rather than being a subtype inside the Nictus enemy group definition as being the only valid normal spawns caused them to show up in some weird places.
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On 7/12/2022 at 1:18 PM, The Curator said:

Attack values on Rikti Monkey's standard melee and psionic ranged attacks are no longer double their intended value


This is the one I'm going to notice the most.  Every time I run that last mission in the first RWZ arc, which is full of large groups of monkeys, I'm shocked at how much of a punch they pack.  It's easy to get into trouble really quick if I don't take them out fast enough.

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