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New Plant Dom


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  So I'm starting a new dominator and finally decided to make a plant dom as I've been pushing plant down the line until I could come up with the concept I wanted and I'm wondering what powers are the must haves as I've never used plant before. I know I've heard seeds are awesome and the creepers are proc monsters but beside those 2 I'm unsure.......do I need or want the group immob or the group hold and what about spore burst? Spirit tree won't be really needed as I'm using dark assault so I have a heal available to me.


   Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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I just got my Plat/Electric to 50, and the primary (during leveling, kept at respec) was


1) Strangler

2) Roots

8 ) Seeds of Confusion

18) Vines

26) Carrion Creepers

32) Fly Trap


I don't like single-target Immobs so I skipped Entangle. I have another character with and AoE sleep, and I didn't feel like putting such a power in a Dominator. Spirit Tree was sacrificed to pick up 5 mules for LotG. Vines isn't quite up enough for me to really rely on it... it is basically my alternating control with Seeds of Confusion.

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As I wrote, I just finished leveling my Plant Dom, and I more-or-less purposely left it with only around 20% positional defenses for extra excitement other may find distasteful.... so I even though I (now) have a reasonably kitted perma-Dom, I'm still thinking of the original run while leveling.


Seeds of Confusion is the "money power": I try to open with that, and then follow with Roots. SoC didn't need many slots while leveling, but YMMV. The pets/pseudo-pets aren't super reliable until they (a) will stay with you (b) have recharge times close to their duration. Not a lot of deep thought on that one, but I felt like writing it. Those two cycle fast enough that they basically set the pace of clearing spawns. At 50, Roots has the ATO %+Damage; while leveling I had that ATO in Strangler... I don't expect this choice to make much sense to anyone, it's just that I made some early choices on which of those low level powers were going to give me certain global +Recharge set bonuses before 50.


I have two %proc powers in my build: Carrion Creepers and Static Discharge (Electricity Assault Secondary). A few powers will have a set %proc in them, fewer still may have a second as the 6th slot. Again, this is not a particularly deep thought for a Dominator. I only write this because I found (at level 50) enough recharge (without Hasten) to have permadom in the absence of slows and without relying on SG base buffs. I do try to remember to keep the SG base buffs (attack rate, recovery) active anyway. I could slip more global +Recharge into the cone attack, but that is where I have some %-Resistance. The Fly Trap also has %-Resistance, which I find helps.


I used ATO %Fiery Orb when leveling, but I had pulled it out of the build. I felt like it helped with aggro at low levels. I'm going to experiment with it again I think. I should be able to drop it into Carrion Creepers to replace one of the /Recharge pieces used there.


The only power on my build that disappoints me is from the secondary: T8 Thunder Strike (PBAoE Melee). Even slotted with 5x Armageddon, and an even-level accuracy of 153%, this power misses far too much for my taste. It isn't a terrible finishing move sometimes against weakened spawns, but it doesn't have the synergy I want with the primary.... either in solo or in PUGs. I delayed picking it to level 41, and I am going to move the 6th slot (was %-Resistance Fury of the Gladiator) to another power. I really want to play my Dominator as a melee character (I even have Combat Teleport at level 6!) but this T8 just isn't paying dividends on the investment.

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I would say that Seeds of Confusion and Carrior Creepers are MUST haves, the rest depend on play style. I guess technically both SoC and CC also depend on play style, but if you play a plant dom you should change your play style to include them!  😉



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6 hours ago, FUBARczar said:

Plant Control is the only set I would consider playing with any assault set. So pick whatever you fancy.


That said, my personal preferred assault sets are:








😂 I listed many


I also want to add that I don't see enough earth assault dominators , I had 3 in live.  That's a very SMASHy assault set, fun. 

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