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Somehow duplicated the secret entrance and can't remove it

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Not sure how, but I now have 2 secret entrances, each in a different room.  If I try to move one to the entrance room, it shows as moving but still exists in the second room.  Now I can't remove the second room because  it says it contains items that can't be sold.


Anyone see this issue before?  If so, how do I clear it?  Is there a /slash command to just reset the base back to zero?

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UPDATE:  So it looks like this issue resolved itself as when I logged in last night, the second entrance was gone.  However, during editing it became duplicated again.  Looks to be happening when you move the entrance in and out of the entrance room a few times to a different room.

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I came across this a patch or two ago and thought I was tripping. Either way I've not seen a functional problem due to this glitch.

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