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Enhancements for Fly

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Sorry if this isn't the right board, but I can't find anywhere else appropriate to post this.


On another board I noticed a comment alleging that Fly power flies at maximum speed regardless of enhancements. This seems weird, it certainly didn't used to be like that "back in the day". If this is true however, what should be slotted in the default slot of Fly now?

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Blessing of the Zephyr 4 points knockback protection is a good one, unless you don't need knockback protection.


There's a fly stealth IO, but the IO by itself does not produce invisibility and trying to fly by enemies in a mission is not as easy as superspeeding past them.  But if you have another power that provides partial invisibility, like Shadow Fall if you're a Dark Miasma Defender/Corruptor, or Steamy Mist for a Stormy, then that plus the stealth IO should add up to full invisibility.


Otherwise, I guess I'd slot a generic Fly IO and pretend it's doing something?

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