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Siphon Life - Best Slotting


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Started a DM/EA build and trying to figure out hot slot Siphon Life.  Right now I'm planning:


Mako's Bite: Acc/Dam, Proc (DMG)

Gladiator's Strike: Acc/Dam, Proc (DMG)

Touch of Nictus: Proc (DMG)

Theft of Essence: Proc (END)


I'm curious is Proccing is the way to go when Siphon Life isn't really a long recharge power.


I like the idea of being able to get Endurance from an attack, but I've had that proc in there for a bit and only seen it proc twice.


Any thoughts?


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For healing I used to go with two +3 acc/dmg Hamis, then two +3 heal/endurace Hamis, and finally two damage procs:




This maximizes proc chance leaving them at :





One of the procs can be turned into an dmg/end to finish EDing the stats instead:




But there is a damage loss.


The no recharge approach needs to take in consideration your attack chain. As a Stalker you have AS which will help, but if there are gaps then recharge at the cost of damage IMO.


Midnight Grasp should be recharging in about 5 seconds, same as SL with no recharge, AS in 5 seconds as well and Smite in about 2 seconds. SL animates in 2.1 seconds, MG in 2.3, so that's 4.4 seconds accounted for, which means it should be fine once adding AS and Smite to the mix.



If not wanting the heal then replace the end/heal for damage procs as long as endurance can take it. Or add one slot for +5 endurance and the other one becomes a damage proc.

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