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SR build for Hard Mode your thoughts


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This char can run 2* with easy but really struggles with 3* and 4*.  I know its called Hard Mode for a reason lol. my INV/SS just seems to have a much easier time with the higher diff.   It might just be that the INV is better suited for them over SR or maybe just happens to be bad choices on PUG.  I'm still kind of new to the SR type and am having tons of fun with FS.  My DDR is at 95% I felt I could take the Rebirth but just wanted to get thought on how to get more Damage resistance in the build if at all possible.

Super Reflexes MA Tank FINAL.mxd

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Hey again. Glad to see you adopting some new ideas to the build!


I'm happy to hear that it can run 2* smoothly. I haven't personally taken my SR Tank into Hard Mode because I find my Rad/ Tank more fun to play. As far as possibly squeezing some more resistance into what you got going, I'd surmise that you'd have to sacrifice some global recharge to eek a bit more out. Namely, replace your VR sets with it's lesser cousins that provide resistance bonuses.


That being said, my ultimate advice for 3* and 4* is to not sweat too much about your build and instead find some buddies to cover your weaknesses. No one person makes a 3*/4* run successful. It takes everyone. With your current defense, a single Cold Dom can put you at the softcap for that content and also buff your Max HP to a considerable level. Utilizing Melee Core as you have here will help with spiky damage and AVs, but won't completely save you without support. Your team should have your back as much as you have theirs.

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If you slot all 6 Superior Gauntleted Fist in one power and the 4 Superior Blistering Cold in another, you'll lose 6% E/N but pick up 6% S/L and 12% F/C.


You're missing the Unbreakable Guard 7.5% +HP unique. I would swap the Titanium Coating in Tough for Unbreakable Guard.

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