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Firefox memory/power usage on HC Forums

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A couple of times yesterday my PC mysteriously ground to a halt, and after some investigation the culprit looked to be Firefox chowing down excessively on memory/power -- but only when I was on the HC forums! It happened more than once, and it's happened again this morning as I was testing it. All other websites = fine. HC 'Home' page = fine. Click to read a thread and BOOM, the memory and power usage would start climbing until I couldn't close Firefox without using Task Manager. At one point even Task Manager was 'not responding'.


Anyway, I changed the HC Forums setting in NoScript to Default and browsed around (not logged in) with no issues. Then I tried a custom setting (see image) -- all good. Logged in and have been browsing and posting with no issues.




Has anybody else experienced anything similar here? Anybody have any idea what could be causing it? I know less than Jon Snow when it comes to this kinda stuff. Whatever it is, it started yesterday.

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Yep.  Couple days ago I had this start happening.   Pretty sure it's something firefox is screwing up, but the HC Forum brings up the behavior the best.  I find if I have multiple tabs open on the forum, that's when things start grinding to a halt.  My machine is a bit low end which probably makes the problem worse.

Running in Linux, so the common theme is firefox and the HC Forum

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I noticed that with my current custom NoScript settings some of the forum icons or buttons or whatever they are look kinda weird, but they still function. Not sure what that means, if anything. Anyway, since I changed the settings I've been able to have multiple Firefox tabs open, play the game, and also have a different browser open with no troubles at all. Which is how things have always, been prior to yesterday.





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Pretty much exclusively use firefox here.


Haven't seen an issue with it. (Or seen what you're seeing with the icons.) And out of curiosity, I've been just watching it in task manager and not seeing what you're describing.


Are you sure it's not a plugin or something possibly having the issue?


(Edit: For what I'm seeing - freshly opening Firefox = 500-ish meg. Went to a non COH page - Jimmy John's, fwiw - jumped up on load, then settled at around 750. Closed Firefox. Did the same for COH. Went up to 900 at most, 850 or so being typical before going down to ~750. Got into a thread to brows... staying at about the same. Right now while I'm typing this? 712.... also, remember when PCs had only 4-8 Mb RAM? o.O )

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I had the exact same thing happen just yesterday!  Everything ground to a crawl, had to open task manager and found that Firefox was using over 20 gigs of RAM!  Started closing windows (I use multiple windows of groups of related tabs to organize) one by one and as soon as I closed the one with these forums and the wiki everything returned to normal. 

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Yea, it's definitely something with firefox not dealing well with something on the HC Forum.  And I think there was an update to my firefox the day before I had issues.


I still see some issues if I open up multiple HC tabs, but as long as I keep them to a min, it's fine.   Too many other things taking my attention to figure out the root cause currently

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