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Potential unfair advantagee for MMs


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I had noticed in the "Hellions safehouse" mission from Matthew Habashy, and the 'Speak with Deborah Rosenfeld' mission from Sondra Costel, that if you had an MM pet out (a single tier-1 pet at that level), the pet will follow you into the mission. However, I discovered that in the "Infiltrate the Skulls" and "Personal Story" missions from Eagle Eye, MM pets will follow you into the mission -- and you have full control over them (including a tray full of MM command macros, in my case); I was able to defeat my opponent in the Rib Cage using just my summoned demons, and when doing the personal story at the end of Eagle Eye's arc, my pets accompanied Deadlock into the mission and supplied additional firepower to defeat Back Alley Brawler.


This seems to me to grant an unfair advantage to Masterminds in character-replacement missions like these, and to a lesser extent to other powersets that get pets, since they grant access to powers otherwise locked out by the game. A quick fix would be to automatically dismiss all pets on entry to these missions, since the character's own powers would be disabled, keeping the pets from being resummoned.

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Another way you might view this bug is that despite the game replacing your powers with Deadlock's, you keep your own HP. So a MM without pets would actually have an unfair DISadvantage being the lowest hit point AT.

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