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This idea came while I was doing a mayhem mission. I had just stolen the goods, and while heading out of the bank, I wondered which hero would oppose me.

“Wouldn’t it be neat if it was one of my heroic alts that came to stop me?”

Huh. Would that be possible? Can you have an alt become your arch-nemesis?


Disclaimer: I know that the server running a player character isn’t so easy. So, my idea is more of redressing the antagonist who appears in a mayhem or safeguard mission. They wear your alt’s costume and have their name, but more than likely the powerset would be completely different. So instead of Overdrive or Blast Furnace appearing, it’s your hero, but with Blast Furnace’s powerset.


Option 1:

As the game sets up the Mayhem or Safeguard mission, it takes your highest-level character of the opposing alignment (hero or vigilante for mayhem missions; villain or rogue for safeguard missions). The game applies the slot 1 costume and yourcharacter's name instead of whatever generic character was set to appear.  The same redressing can be applied for the jail breakout mini mission. If you don’t have a character that fits the criteria, the game won’t redress the antagonist.

Maybe you could turn on/off this option by speaking to an NPC, like Null the Gull.


Option 2:

By speaking with Null the Gull or the P2W vendor, you could register your level 50 character to be an antagonists. So instead of having generic characters in safeguard/mayhem missions, we have community created characters. The game saves your character’s name, costume, bio, and alignment. It would redress and rename whatever generic character was set to appear in the mission. This would probably be more work for the devs.


What does the community think? Would this excite or infuriate you? Is this as worthwhile as I think, or should I give up meth?

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  • drdread changed the title to MY ALT, MY ENEMY!

In theory, easy.   From a coding standpoint, possibly not.


In the name retention threads, the Devs mentioned that there are a lot of things that aren't easily identified by account.

However, since we do have altinvite, we can check if your alt is tied to your account, so maybe?


Powersets and such could be done since we already do it for a few different arcs against clones of your current characters (Posi 1 and a few others story arcs)

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6 minutes ago, lemming said:

Powersets and such could be done since we already do it for a few different arcs against clones of your current characters (Posi 1 and a few others story arcs)


True, The doppleganger mission arcs of field agent Kieth Nance and special agent Jenni Adair.

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Interesting idea, but I'd ... honestly probably turn it off. Mostly because "grab one of the highest level opposing faction alts" railroads my characters into doing things they probably wouldn't. (I find some tip / alignment missions - heck, even regualr missions, especially redside, severely annoying because of this.)


And I'd probably be extra-sure to turn it off for a "community pool" of characters. I have to trust someone to "get" a character before letting them decide "oh,t hey did this offline" or said something in writing or some such.


If I want my characters to be protagonists, hostages, whatever - I'll do it in AE.

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