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Mercedes Sheldon offered as contact but cannot be selected


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Jill Pastor's first contact introduction offered me only Kong Bao and Mercedes Sheldon.


I'm level 15 so Kong Bao seems correct, even though the wiki does not mention him under 'introduces' - I assume hcwiki is incorrect as he is a 15-19 contact.


Mercedes Sheldon a) has no description, and b) cannot be selected as her minimum level is 20.



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She can be selected, you just don't get her as a contact. I suspect that she gets put into the 'possible contacts' list if your character does the Night Ward exploration badge trick to get access to the Midnighter Club early, without doing Montague Castaneda's arc, because you don't seem to get offered her as a contact if you don't have access to the Midnighter Club.

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Well u can have midnighter access at lvl 10 when u do the Montague arc,  possibly be lvl 11 after but heck therefore are xp, not really a trick necessary to have the access on a lvl 15 char.

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