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Missing My Old SG's RP


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I had just posted the other day about barely RPing these days and then had a lot of fun RPing on Everlasting (in Pocket D, no less) as a good half-dozen players hopped on board to try to figure out the “mystery” of my character Sky Pilot, a shared delusion of a mid-90’s religious TV superhero who only speaks in show-ending PSAs. People were engaged, seemed invested, and while the mystery wasn’t resolved, it reached a point where I could log-off with some sense of satisfaction. It was a lot of fun.

That said, I know there were people who felt put out as it became kind of a focal point for a moment and someone speaking in PSAs probably make a bit of a text wall. Someone literally commented OOC that they “weren’t a fan” but I wasn’t entirely sure if they were talking about me or this RP. To be fair to myself, I’ve brought this character into Pocket D before and usually all that happens is a couple people engage with her, I spout a few PSAs, and then we all move on with life no more than about 15 minutes later. This is the first time it clicked with that many other people.

I was on Virtue back on Live and in a hardcore RP group but after we all popped back on to Homecoming briefly for a bit of a reunion, only I seem to remain around as a semi-regular player. Back then we used to go deep on typical superhero RP; Our SG forums were filled with articles and ongoing information about the day-to-day happenings. Characters were killed off, things happened that gave our characters new abilities, characters lost their powers, we had retcons, heroes went bad and then good and then bad again. We had a roster of supervillains that vexed us. And, when the game ended, time and space unraveled.

I still enjoy the game and doing the like 6-7 things that everyone is doing to level and while I may be one of the folks hanging in there, I know that I don’t really have time to immerse myself like I once did. But I miss it sometimes.

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I can understand that I am very glad you had a great experience in the D. there are a few rpsg clubs like Stardancer, Oasis, Randys Afterhours that are open to the public and I know one is actively recruiting for the RP something to consider if thats something you would be interested in. I mostly am forum Rping easier for me slow typer but I can be found at the above clubs sometimes. 


peace out


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I feel this. I've got such fond memories of RPing with my old SG back on live, but they've since moved on. Very similar themes and tone to yours, from the sounds of it! I tried joining one or two others since finding Homecoming; lovely folk, but the RP wasn't really to my taste. Don't really play much at the moment, but I don't think I'll ever manage to get this game out of my head entirely, so here am I am still lurking on the forums and doodling in the character creator 😉



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