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Fire or Axe to go with /Ice


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So I love Ice Armor.  Even if the set isn't stellar there's just something about it.  Looking for opinions on whether you would combine Fire Melee or Battle Axe with it.  I was fiddling with Axe on a Tanker and realized that A) Axe Cyclone is 15ft on Scrappers too and B) it doesn't benefit from the Tanker AoE increase (which makes sense but they didn't update the description to state that like they did on Foot Stomp).  Anyways, got me thinking maybe I'll do Axe over here and FM over on a Tanker since they're both pretty snazzy post updates (though no Cremate does make me sad on the Tanker).

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With both those sets getting an update you can't really go wrong with either at this point.  So just mess around in the characters creator and see what you end up liking the look of more, the axe or fire melee to go with your nice guy 

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I have fallen madly in love with the new Battle Axe! So far, I've got 2 level 50 tankers with Axe, as well as an Axe/Stone scrapper.


Rarely have I felt so powerful as when I am sweeping and smashing mobs packed together by Axe Cyclone.


Axe is brutal. 👍

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