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My sentinel is Vet level 13. Looked at the incarnates again, but can't figure out how to get Essence of the Incarnate, Hero 1 DNA Sample and Dimensional Keystone. Have tried listening to long video's on incarnates, but I am plagued with 3 forms of A.D.D. so instead of grinding a 50 with no end and no reward., I'm trying to take this one step at a time.

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10 hours ago, Diantane said:

Thanks for the tip 🙂


Thread based components?



There are two types of recipes. One of those uses Incarnate Threads and the other Incarnate Shards.










In time we immediately recognize which is which by looking at the components, but the easiest way is to look at the Convert tab:




Incarnate Thread related drops are just more common and what the player population relies on instead of the Incarnate Shards.


A good way to do it is use the Incarnate Threads to buy the Common and Uncommon materials.




And then use the Empyrian Merits earned from leveling or doing Tinpex in order to buy the Rare and Very Rare materials.




Try and do a Tinpex each day (Tin Mage and Apex TFs situated in Rikti War Zone, these are common to find or form using the /lfg channel) since not only do you get one empyrian merits for each but you also get a random Incarnate material (it can be common, uncommon, or rare or very rare) on top of 40 merits for each TF. In total it should take half an hour to run both.

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