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Stealth stacking

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Most toggle and click stealth powers don't stack.  They can be active simultaneously, but only the highest stealth value will apply.


Example: you're running Stealth (Concealment pool), which has a 55' stealth radius (standard critter perception is 54', so Stealth makes you invisible to them), and you toggle on Infiltration (Concealment pool), which has a 35' stealth radius.  Your total stealth radius is 55', even though you have both Stealth and Infiltration active, because Stealth's stealth overrides Infiltration's.


All stealths stack with stealth IOs.


Example: you have Energy Cloak, which gives you 36.5' of stealth, and you have the Celerity: Stealth IO in Sprint.  You toggle Sprint on.  Your total stealth radius is 66.5', Energy Cloak's 36.5' plus Celerity's 30'.

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