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Officer Daniels

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So I was running a character through the Galaxy City tutorial and for some reason it hit me...what happens to Officer Daniels? He's the guy on the radio moving you along and gets cut off with static right as you get to the Longbow safe zone. Aaaaaand that's it. He just vanishes. The wiki just says he's in the tutorial and that's it. Would love to see him added in a future update, even if just as an easter egg somewhere.

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So after an early career scandal set him back, he became a LT in the Paragon PD's Narcotics Unit. He broke a huge case against a prominent drug dealing gang in KR, but was passed on a promotion to Major. He was reassigned to a special detail investigating a stevendore union in Independence Port, and did such a great job on that he was given a permanent Major Case Unit to break Paragon's drug rings. LT Daniels was successful here and was promoted to Major and seemed to be well on his way to becoming police commissioner. However, he got into it with the Mayor when the Mayor closed the Major Case Unit due to budget problems. Finally Daniels became Paragon police commissioner, but resigned from the position and threats from the mayor for refusing to "juke the stats". His exact words were:

“I’ll swallow a lie when I have to. I’ve swallowed a few big ones, lately, but the stat game? That lie? That’s what ruined this department. Shining up **** and calling it gold so Majors become Colonels and Mayors become Governors, pretending to do police work while one ******* generation trains the next how not to do the job.”

He is now practicing as a criminal defense lawyer.

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Police departments don't have majors or colonels.


Police ranks are as follows:


Detective (often several ranks of detective)

Corporal (many departments skip this one)

Sergeant (multiple ranks of sergeant)



Commander (not all departments have this rank)

Chief (multiple sub ranks like Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief, depending on size of the department)

Commissioner (generally only exists is large metro areas)

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Since the game takes place in a fictional Rhode Island, maybe PPD mirrors the PDs in Rhode Island?



It seems the Rhode Island State Police has colonels.



Providence Police Department Chief of Police holds the rank of Colonel.




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