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Build Request: SS/Bio Brute


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Hello everyone,

     I was wondering if there was someone who was good at planning builds help me make my Brute better. It's Super Strength / Bio Armor. I mostly play solo and just want to have that character that's powerful enough to fight AVs and do those missions at +4x8. If the build is expensive in inf, that is fine.


I'm not sure what I should be focusing on with IOs to make it better, but I feel like it should be recharge so I can have it use it's heals more frequently?


If anyone is able to show a decent build, it would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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You are correct that recharge should be one of your main goals with Bio Armor. It can reach high levels of survivability if your clicks are up often, to the point where the S/L RES and exotic DEF offered by your armors can be considered fluff. You can also push your offense to insane levels thanks to the innate debuffs of Bio and SS's general friendliness towards proc bombing.


Here's how I run mine!



muscle man - Brute (Super Strength - Bio Armor).mbd


I will note that my approach can feel incredibly squishy at times. I rely solely on Ablative Carapace, Parasitic Aura, and DNA Siphon to keep me alive, but the damage I can put out can get pretty crazy, plus key powers having Force Feedback: Chance for +Recharge in them means as long as I keep attacking, my clickies are coming back faster!


One thing worth noting is that even if you choose not to go Vigor Core Alpha like I did (it helps bolster your Max HP, Absorb, and Regen), I would recommend not being lured into choosing Musculature Alpha as Brutes overall do not benefit that much from damage enhancement like other damage-focused ATs do. Pick something that adds to the defensive capability of whatever your build ends up being!

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