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I got my first level 50 character now I have a question


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THere is no level 51.

You just get veteran levels after level 50.

Even with veteran levels, you are really just level 50.


The next "level" of stuff is the incarnate system.

you need to unlock your incarnate alpha slot to follow that grind-path.

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1 minute ago, savair said:

what happens when I get to 51


You don't.  50 is the cap.  When you have enough experience to reach level 51, the level up sequence plays (flashy lights), your HP and endurance are refilled and the effects of several T3 inspirations are automatically granted to the character.  You also receive one Veteran Level https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Veteran_Levels.  The XP bar resets, and every time you accumulate sufficient experience, the process repeats.


Incarnate abilities are the next step in progression.  https://homecoming.wiki/wiki/Incarnate_System

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