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Figs in the kitchen - something for thunderstorms, autumn and falling leaves


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Homecoming heroes - 


I'm sure you'll agree, when the weather gets nice and stormy, when the wind is finally cold again, and the sky doesn't hurt your eyes - the days end is best met... with steamed puddings and custard.


Now, the process can be adapted! 

bacon and onion, goats cheese,

raw honey and raisins,

truffles and mushrooms

maple syrup and sausage meat innards.


but, best bet is jam.


(psst - its better to use cloth, or even an old shirt sleeve than tinfoil -  which is why its sometimes called 'shirt sleeve pudding' or 'dead man's leg')


if you want to be extra tasty, you may fry the slices in butter (or lard).


apply custard, liberally.



bacon and onion



It won't make you fat if you're not a super piggy and eat it every day.



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