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Hello, I'm Enterphase.  I suck at Basebuilding and would like to hire someone to build a base for me!  
I am applying for a 2billion Influence loan so that I could find the right contractor and decorator to help bring this base to life.  
I have okay credit and an make payments ever month on the loan and am willing to do a 20% interest charge.  
Please, consider me for the personal banking loan!  


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On 12/16/2023 at 3:27 AM, kito said:

That's oddly hitting hard this year, did a bunch of builders leave? Or just burning out even alot of the people I know who make simple things are starting to get a back log of work

(sorry for huge delay, holidays hit hard this year!)

I have not seen builders leaving, at least not in any significant numbers; I have seen quite a few new people showing up. My base building discord just keeps growing.


But new people are just learning, and not ready to tackle commissions. Builders who have been here a while, many of those build only for themselves, or (as you said) are feeling burned out and have hit pause, or have a lot on their plates.  And the vast majority of players do not bother to learn how; they much prefer to farm and pay someone to do it, or if not farm, earn and save to pay someone. Thing is, there just aren't so many people willing to put in the time to learn how to edit. The basics are pretty easy, but, those that want a base often have a vision in mind of how they want it to look, and that level of building does take time to master, effort to learn, and patience and determination to implement. There is undoubtedly some talent involved as well. If this was a Venn diagram, the circles would be: Time, Energy, Skill, Patience, and Desire to build. The intersection of these rings is pretty small, and given the numbers of players we have to draw from, you can see how the numbers are so small.


If we had a more user friendly editor that made it easy to, for instance, make doors and windows, select different walls for the insides and outsides of buildings, choose different styles of floors, put in stairs, ceilings, roofs, different types of ground, paths, walkways, roadways....well, then you'd see many many more people building, I think, and many fewer feeling the need to hire someone. However, it is highly unlikely that we will ever have a different editor, given the resources we currently have. However, that doesn't mean I stop hoping for large improvements. 🙂





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